10 Tips and Tricks For Young Composer

Having an idea of what you are going to compose in any genre and also for a combination of any instrument is encouraging for a starter. It is an opportunity which can be mentored by a professional composer. Most young composers do not get through with music because as much as they have a positive attitude and the urge to continue they lack a helping hand to hold them as they set their feet. Since composition is a rewarding event, it is always good to get comfortable with musical language which in return turns a dream into reality. Here are tips and tricks for a young composer

  • Write something everyday

Music as art needs to be practiced as often as possible. This helps you to be more efficient and effective. Writing every day does not imply that you should write something new every day, you can at times complete a section that was pending. This should be your guiding rule

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  • Have new ideas

Being new in the field and bringing new ideas into the industry could be great. This helps you be innovative and also encourages you to do more and with different style which is unique.

  • Have a goal

It is always advisable to know what you want to achieve even before you start on the journey. This also goes for composition of music. While composing, it is easier to do a piece of music then later split its sections. This will help you not to lose the intended meaning of the song you are composing though it might be overwhelming.

Always try to make a list of your short term and long term goals for all the projects that you are running. For short term goals, you can limit them to a month whereas long-term goals may take even a year. Also, you can depend on your set range, probably three years or a range of your choice.

  • Expose yourself to a lot of music

When listening to more music you are likely to start composing your own. A lot of absorption is done through good listening. This will give you the urge to know musical instruments. Composing becomes easier when the composer has a musical instrument.

  • Social network

When you create a comprehensive website, you can be contacted by people who need a composer. You can also link your website with other websites which helps in exposure.

  • Be optimistic

This comes as an experience. Don’t be discouraged by bad performance it is a learning experience.

  • Be a part of a musical community

Having connections in your area can be of great help since you are always likely to get works from within your geographical areas. It is good to keep friendship with musicians especially the ones who ask you to write music for them. Ask questions and know if they would like to work with you again.

  • Be smart

Create and maintain a good reputation by remaining professional and grateful. Always write what you think and not what people would like to hear. With this regard, you should always work on what excites you most.

  • Be careful about space

Young composers should note that every song should have the best sound in the lower range so as to provide it with a full sound.

  • Your melody should be supported

One musical instrument cannot support a melody. Therefore, there is need to have a full sound instrument that will bring a good melody as a part of your song.